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Terry from Med Workshops provides us with two examples which we think our readers should be aware of. These unfortunate graduates didn’t find work after graduating with good grades. Med Workshops tells us the failure to gain employment is something they deal with almost every day.  Med Workshops has an intern class which many unemployed graduates of other schools attend in order to gain employment in medical transcription.

Lack of employment is not only a problem with the schools mentioned, but with almost all schools; online and community colleges.  You should know beforehand, a very large percentage of graduates from medical transcription schools never get hired. Internship really does help and we wish more schools offered internship like Med Workshops does.

We’ve removed the names of the schools because it is not our intent to downgrade any one particular school. We are hoping you see the demand created for schools or companies to provide an internship. There are so many frustrated graduates who can’t find work in medical transcription!

Here is a YouTube video from Med Workshops. We offer this so you can see a few schools actually do offer internship as part of the training.


I graduated from ………… Institute with the promise of a job placement program.  They advertise that, but it turns out do not really have one. I was wondering if I would qualify for your school’s internship program considering I have earned a certificate in medical transcription from another college.  If not, I desperately need advice on how to get my first transcription job and/or experience.  I was counting on that college having me ready to take my certification, and they did not.  I did graduate with a final grade of 94% in December of 2010.  Thank you so much.

Regina H.


I graduated from ………… eer School at the end of October 2011. I had text books but I turned in most of my exams online. The only ones I had to mail in were the transcription ones. If I had questions I could email or call. The only job assistance they offer is signing up for career builder. I’ve signed up for that plus many other job sites with no luck. I would love to finally start my career but it’s so hard. You were right on, I’m starting to think I chose the wrong field.

Valerie D.

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